Good Friends Are Hard to Find

I always thought that having lots of friends was better than having a few trustworthy friends who would stand by you in anything. But, I have learned that just isn’t true. I have learned in the past two years that my four sister friends are so valuable to my life.

Bonnie is one of those friends and what we have shared in the past seven years is more than I have shared in a lifetime with those of whom I thought were my friends. Bonnie and I have been Teacher Assistants in our public school system for years. When I transferred to AES from APS, we were a team. We worked together, we laughed together, we ate lunch together, and we made sure students got in the correct cars with their parents at the end of the day. It always seemed our adult children were going through the same thing at the same time and we prayed, talked and listened to each other’s joys and frustrations.  Then, it seemed like our daughters were getting married at the same time so we shared wedding props and items to save money. And then, two years ago, we both found out her mother and my dad had cancer and each of their health was declining. The  first anniversary of her mother’s death will come on Saturday. My dad has been gone from me for three months today.

Bonnie and I love adventures. We make it a point to power walk in warm weather, either in town strolling our grandbabies, or in the cow pasture on her family farm. We have had some great discussions and prayer meetings in that cow pasture dodging all the cows and their poop. Today, we met for a nostalgic visit to a primitive, and shabby chic place that held lots of old items that brought back memories from our parents’ homes. We ended up the day having lunch at a new burger place and toasted the New Year with a Lemon Drop cocktail, which was sour but refreshing.

I love my friends. I am gaining a new appreciation for the gal friends I have these days. I am learning to relax more around them, trust them, and understand that they are not trying to pull something over on me. Friends are great to have…


Happy New Year

Today starts a new tradition with me…so many celebrate on New Year’s Eve by partying, standing out in freezing cold weather to see a man made ball drop to say good bye to  an old year and hello to a new one.

Yesterday, my bestie and I decided we needed down time under a blanket, in the warmth of our own homes.  Our husbands were not too thrilled about it, but, today we are getting up rested and refreshed for the first day of the New Year. I’m not tired, I’m not hungover. I feel great and I am excited about braving the cold walk to the car and to watch the football games on TV with our friends.

Sometimes, it’s ok to decide something new for yourself! I am relearning this life principle. While it is still freezing, I look out my window and I celebrate sunshine, not darkness. I see new opportunity instead of regret. Celebrating New Year’s Day makes more sense than celebrating New Year’s Eve!

Happy Anniversary

Today I am celebrating staying married to the man with whom I fell in love and am still in love for 32 years. I could have and wanted to leave several times. But, when we decided to commit to each other, we agreed that separation and divorce would never be an option. We still hold to that agreement.

That agreement has been worth every minute. We have had some tough times. This year has been tough but exciting at the same time. Cancer surgery for my dad and the birth of our first grandchild on the same weekend was unexpected but it happened. The oxymoron of caring for my grandson during the day and then sitting in the evening with my dying father happened as well for a week.

When you spend 11, 680 days with a life partner, intimacy and love present themselves in so many more ways than the sexual love seen on TV. TV love is cheap and thrown away so easily. True, every day love means biting the bullet and keeping words to yourself when you want to spew every thought inside your head. True, every day love means one of you cooks, and one of you cleans, so you have balance in everyday life. True love means no expectations but accepting the other in the moment in which you live and finding the positives and appreciating them.

I lost myself so long ago trying to win my husband’s approval which I thought was love. Today I am rediscovering and finding myself all over again. I am glad. I am thriving in the love of my husband, and our family. I am running a small, self-owned business. I am leading women. I am caring and teaching my sweet grandson so he doesn’t have to grow in a daycare factory for children.

Today, I rest. Today, I pray for the year ahead. Today, I am thankful. Today, I am me!



Adult siblings are confusing. Saying one thing and doing another. Trying to convince someone, anyone listening that they have a reason for doing what they do. 


His bladder cancer debuted a year and a half ago. And it’s been center stage in his life ever since. And he’s paying the price…emancipated, foul smelling from the penile fistula of late. The dignity of father is gone; humiliated in a wad of sheets in a hospital bed, with his skivies Depends where his tighty whities used to be. 

2 out of 5

The odds weren’t exactly in our favor. We live the closest to him and were the most active in relationships with him. “It’s going to be you and me doing most of his care, ya know,”…And it is! Scooting him up and making sure he stays in bed is important, smelling the fecal fistula within his Skivies, and double teaming him to give him his meds are all important. But not so important as making the sitter schedule while 3 hours away in the comfort of a quiet and calm living room. 

And so we wait…and pray…and wait some more…and pray some more…until prayers are answered…one day. 

No Coincidences

Chance Meetings

It never occurred to me in July, when I walked into Nina Bell’s Cottage for a craft class that I would meet a neighbor, actually two, who live on the other side of my road. I have taught so many children in Appomattox County and don’t even know their parents. It’s always a blessing when I can meet and connect with a parent and we immediately become friends, all because I taught their son or daughter.

Come, Sit Over Here

I love those words. Lately, I have felt like I don’t have any friends, and I’m so afraid to be myself. I know who I am, but, I am afraid to let down my guard and come out of my shell. But, today, at another craft class, my friend Tammy wanted and invited me to come sit with her during the class. It gave me a warm feeling, like I had just been comforted from the inside out.

Sick, Aging Parents

It seems like the one, main thing all middle aged adults have in common is sick, and aging parents. That was the extent of Tammy and my conversation today. Her mom has cancer, my dad has cancer. Her mom is bedridden with Hospice, my dad is mobile,  with Hospice being his main care giver organization now. All we can do is sigh, take a deep breath, and keep going with one foot in front of the other.

Relationships Matter

Relationships, new and old, are so important. Support for other human beings, no matter what they are going through, is an essential part of self love for ourselves and them. Giving love is the most wonderful gift one can give, and in loving, we pray for them and their families and what ever they are going through.  I am thankful Tammy and I got to sit together and talk again. We did not meet by chance, God had it planned all along.

Bite The Bullet

Why Am I So Scared

I need to sample new people, and invite people I know to participate in my Facebook class. Why am I so scared? I am scared because I am afraid I have offended them at one time or another. I am scared because I am alone so much without my family, that I am afraid they will not want to be with me either.

Celebrate No

I watched a YouTube video yesterday by a friend, who is also a successful MLM professional. Getting over her fear meant celebrating the word No! No just means for today she explained, not forever!

Load, Aim, Shoot

I can’t do anything with this whole ordeal until I get over my fear. My first step is to load the gun. I load the gun by getting names and inviting them to be sampled! My next step is to invite my friends and acquaintances to the FB class next week. I don’t do anything else until I offer to sample and invite. I don’t worry about my aim, I don’t worry about how good a shot I am, I am simply just loading the gun for today.



Balance is necessary in every area of my life. The most important area is my intimate relationship with God, my Father. This is the first and most important part of my day.


My family is the next area of my life I need to balance. I am employed by Nicole and Chad Dalton, my daughter and son-in-law. I care for their son, Jackson, on designated days during the month. On days that I care for him, he is my main priority and when his routine is going well and is such that I find time for myself during the day, that is great. But, should his daily routine not be going so well, my focus is to be on him and nothing else can interfere or distract from my main job of caring for him.

1AcreRanch/It Starts In a Garden/Redeemed & Repurposed

Managing my home and keeping it clean, tidy, and organized is my next priority that I need balancing practice. I seem to get it in my head and at the forefront of my mind that my hobby jobs are more important and more of a priority than my home, my family, and my walk with the Lord. This mindset gets me so off track and screws my perception up to the point I drive myself and other people crazy. I am so goal oriented, and want to be included in what I see to be exciting, that I end up putting my true relationships and priorities on a back burner. I end up neglecting these and my relationships with others and most of all myself and God, My Father, suffer as a result.

So What? Who Cares? What’s In It For Me?

So, what happens when I don’t reach that Volume Level or Rank Level that I so obsessively covet in others. First of all, coveting is comparing. Comparing is a sin. God has me right where HE wants me for today. When HE decides that I need to reach a higher volume and rank, He will bring it to pass.

Right now, I need to care more for Jackson and his care than anything else. He is the most needy in this whole thing. I will survive no matter what! What’s in it for me right now, is a great relationship with my daughter, son-in-law, and family. A healthy grandson that is growing and thriving in every way is a reward that we all can be proud of, and when I put my focus on other areas of my life, he suffers. When he suffers, I suffer, and all of us suffer.

So, my goals this week is to get this Facebook class off the ground and learn to do it from home. This affords me more time even if no one buys anything or if no one wants me to come to their homes. At least it will be public knowledge that I am trying and I will have done my part and kept my end of the bargain.

Another goal for the remainder of this month and into October is to get moving on my products for the Merry Mart and High School Craft Shows. My vision is to have essential oil bracelets, Roller Bottle Oils, and samples to hand out. How about essential oil sachets to keep in a drawer, lotions, salts, and scrubs! The high school show allows direct sales.

My focus and desire is to stop stressing about the dollar amounts of my oil sales. I am reminding myself today that when I am faithful in sampling, crafting and perfecting my classes on line, than the results will come as God allows them in His plan. Today, and over the next months that Nicole and Chad need me, God wants and needs me to focus on Jackson!

Sept 12, 2017

People & Relationships

I am beginning to see how important humility and forgiveness is when dealing with relationships. Sometimes it’s better to just simply walk away, say I Love You, and let things be what they are. Sometimes people are just mean and rude. I need to just practice forgiveness and leave things as they are. Sometimes people are just emotionally and psychologically unavailable to and for me. That’s all!



Change is good for my soul. Sometimes I really have to read between the lines of what my customers are writing in their responses to my business in order to grasp, understand, and respect what they are really going through. No more “at my house” oil classes. The burden that is being lifted off my shoulders is so freeing. Now the camera is my classroom and the keyboard is my pen. I am doing what I love and no one has to leave the comfort of their homes…or pajamas to join in…if they choose to!



I am reminded often that nothing on earth ever stays the same for more than a minute at a time. When I offer to travel to sit and do light housework in my job and I am told it is not needed, I am quite taken back with dread on the day that I am told I might have to do exactly that. Where is the justice!!!



Sept 11, 2017 Do you remember where you were? I was standing in the middle of a 1 st grade classroom teaching students. Never forget!!! I am grateful today that I have power, running water, and a roof over my head. I am praying for all the lives affected by the hurricanes making appearance on our land. So crazy! I am thankful I was able to meet up with friends and walk a 5K yesterday and enjoy eating out and catching up with them and our husbands. I am thankful we will receive much needed rain tomorrow. I am thankful for the changing seasons and for the whispers of Autumn coming to our country abodes!

September Samples

It Starts In A Garden September Class Schedule is up and posted to Facebook. Now, to get the invitations out and start sampling new prospects. There’s got to be an easier, more efficient and effective way of sampling! I still have a purse full of samples and a box full of samples!